Our Mission

Every project we deliver becomes a building block of the reputation we create.

Projects are built with the understanding that each client makes a financial and emotional investment and develops an attachment to the outcome. It is with that principle in mind that attention and devotion to detail becomes an integral part of what we create and defines our work.

A well crafted cabinet, or piece of furniture, starts its journey with a selection of materials. it is our belief that the quality of the outcome depends upon the quality of the components used in the construction. Consideration is always given to the utilization of sustainable, renewable resources, and as much local timber as possible. Hinges, knobs, fasteners, and other hardware items are chosen not only for their appearance, but for their ability to provide service for generations.


Joinery provides both strength and beauty to every piece. As each structure is engineered, every attempt is made to consider weighing the classic, proven construction methods against today’s desire for expediency. Clients are invited to participate in the selection of joinery and are advised to strive for balance of traditional work with a thoughtful acceptance of contemporary methods. The result is a combination of hand and machine work appropriate for the task.

Our final step with your cabinetry is the application of the finish. With a vast variety available from contemporary water soluble stains and clear coats, to traditional lacquers and varnishes, we will assist you in navigating the options to select the best products for your needs. Whether your project is painted, stained, or left natural, every coating is expertly applied to protect and enhance the essence of each unique design.