The Design Experience

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Creative collaboration with each client is the hallmark of our studio. We take great pride in our ability to transform your needs, goals, and visions into inspired designs.

We will meet with you, explore your ideas and examine all forms of inspiration that you have gathered so that we may correlate those thoughts and create a variety of design possibilities for your consideration.

We are happy to meet with your architect, builder, interior designer, or any other member of your team to ensure a coordinated and collaborative effort. The earlier our involvement with the overall design process, the better. It is our task to infuse any insight that could be useful in facilitating a successful project.

Once your design goals have been achieved we present the final concept to you, and with your approval we go forward. A formal proposal is drawn which defines costs and clarifies expectations. At that point the transformation from concept to reality begins, with the final result is a distinctive, uniquely designed project worthy of future generations.

Our Design Process


Obtaining and Defining the task – The first step in the process begins with a discussion of the overall goal of the project.  At this point the client has already determined that there is either a need or a desire to make a change or create something new.  Inspiration comes from many places; books, newspapers, magazines, photographs, the Internet, architecture, nature, etc.  Bring all of your ideas to the table.

Research – Once the task has been defined it’s time to set-up guidelines and establish a direction.  Dimensioning the space available, determining the function of the piece, and accommodating all the needs and requirements of the client are paramount to configuring the design.  This is the time to consider the inclusion of appliances, plumbing, lighting, or any other element that will impact the composition of the final layout.

Ideation – At this point ideas are generated and presented.  Usually a selection of sketches, drawings, or photographs is offered up for critique. This is the part of the process that attempts to expose the client to the many possibilities, and it tends to be the most time consuming part. Your feedback during this period is essential, and helps us to develop and refine the prospects until a well-orchestrated design emerges. Occasionally samples or mock-ups are provided which enable a client to carefully examine both the elements of a proposed design, and the possible finishes we can apply. 

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Final Rendering – Now a final polished rendering is made.  All the decisions are justified and presented in whatever form conveys the message. Typically this is done with a series of scaled renderings.  A formal proposal is written with all of the specific details, and pertinent costs included, along with an approximate timeframe. It is at this juncture that the client has the option of beginning the construction process.

The Final Product